About Us


What is most important to us as human beings?  Is It life or good health? Perhaps it’s life but what is life without good health? We often don’t realize and sometimes underestimate the importance of good health. Good physical health is necessary in order to perform daily tasks, however, mental health and a healthy mind play an important role as well and it is my passion to help you regain and maintain both so you feel balanced. 

From ages 16-19 after school I worked as a caregiver to the elderly.  There I would help them with their daily fundamental needs such as eating, administering medication and taking them for walks. It was so shocking for me to witness firsthand how elderly people were continually aging and getting sick despite taking medication. This made me completely rethink the  role of medicine in relieving pain and  restoring health. 
15 years later I was working at top rehabilitation centers where I was working with a demographic of people who were facing the most complex health issues such as chronic pain, addiction and more. Within years I was facing my own health problems despite having a successful career doing what I  know best; coaching others on living a healthy life. Ironic right?  Everything I was doing seemed to be in check, but what I didn’t realize was that my stress level was building both on a personal and professional level and it was starting to take its toll on my health.  

I found myself rapidly deteriorating and suffering from a multitude of health issues; chronic fatigue, gut issues, anxiety, panic attacks, skin issues, body pain and sleep issues, just to mention a few. Many doctors could not pinpoint the problem so I was forced to dig deeper and I came to the realization that my health and wellness state was the cause.

It wasn’t easy but I turned my health around and felt better than I ever had and fast forward a few years later, I developed a personal wellness recovery program in order to help individuals live healthier, happier lives. My program consists of three sub-programs; Body Pain  Reset, which is meant to reconnect your brain to your entire body and treat physical pain, Thyroid Rehab Mentoring Program,  which is meant to repair and optimize your metabolism in order to maintain a fit and healthy body and the Self-discovery to manage Stress, which is a fast and effective tool developed to clear anxiety and mental stress, remove limited beliefs and expectations and neutralize past traumas physical or emotional, all of which cause you to suffer and drain your vital life energy. 

Nowadays with busy lifestyles and hectic schedules too many people are putting themselves at the bottom do their to do list when it comes to personal care, however, taking care of yourself is the best way for you to ensure living a long healthy life, not  only physically, but also mentally.

Jump on board today and you’ll be on your way to living a healthy, happy and balanced life both physically and mentally.

Why Choose Us?

Celebrity Nutritionist Arturo Mesquite PhD., a leading authority on nutrition and mind body balance will teach you to optimize your health. Arturo believes that you can reclaim your innate potential to heal. His approach to nutrition body mind balance is unique and customized.  This ability to treat the whole person and more than fifteen years of experience has made Arturo Mesquite one of the most respected names in the health field.