Ani Tlatelpa

Experience:10 Years

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Ani Tlatelpa



(Last Updated On: September 2, 2017)

My journey for health and wellness started 12 years ago and has been quite the rollercoaster ride for me.  Ive always been an advocate of healthy, whole food based eating and exercise but I was missing the mark.  Dieting and getting skinny was my goal and I was on a fast track to nowhere.  In my quest for ultimate heath and wellness i ended up with a wrecked gut, food allergies, chronic body pain, anxiety, panic attacks and much more.

With Dr. Mesquite’s help I realized that my relationship with myself and managing stress was essential to “being healthy”and focusing on the number on the scale wasnt working.  I was so blessed to hear of and work with Dr. Mesquite and his effective, life changing programs and today I’m able to focus on what truly matters to me which is Health and Wellness from all angles-Physically, mentally and spiritually while operating my business providing healthy, well balanced, whole foods based meals to my clients.

Ani Tlatelpa resides in New Jersey where she owns and operates Fitkitchen2Go. She provides customized prepared ready to eat meals for her clients as well as menu’s in order to help reach and maintain their fitness, health and wellness goals.