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Clinical Nutritionist, Alternative Medicine Health Coach & Energy Medicine Specialist, Arturo Mesquite, Introduces His Neuro Therapy, Eat Well System, Thyroid Rehab And Self-Discovery Programs

Putting his success and experience of having worked with big-name rehab clients and celebrity wellness clients, ( Arturo Mesquite (Ph.D.) has developed a comprehensive Personal Wellness Recovery Program, through which he aims to continue addressing a number of concerning health conditions by restoring the mind and body’s natural balance. His rapid analysis of imbalances for life-changing results of long-standing anxiety, inflammatory, and thyroid issues.

“I provide personalized holistic healthcare services and support to the individual or family who is seeking step-by-step guidance in overall health. I travel all around the world coachingindividuals on how to live healthy. My in-home VIP services cover everything from intensive treatment to the basics of meal planning and preparation.” – Arturo Mesquite

The comprehensive Personal Wellness Recovery Program is comprised out of three constituents, namely Neurological Reset fine – tunes by reconnecting your brain to the entire body’s system. Your brain oversees all of your automatic activities and your entire conscious actions like thoughts, feelings, and memory. Eat Well System to kick-start your metabolism for a fit and healthy body or Thyroid Rehab for deeper levels of health for optimal wellness naturally restoring hormonal imbalances, immune stress and chronic health conditions and Self-Discovery to clear anxiety and mental stress, clearing you of limiting beliefs and expectations causing you to suffer. These three power-packed programs provide practical, comprehensive mind and body health advancement techniques individually, but when presented together, as initially intended by Arturo, a much more balanced approach to mind and body health is unleashed. The combination of the Food Rehab program with Thyroid Rehab and the Self Discovery program caters to all sides of the body and mind’s functionality. In this way, users can kick-start their metabolism to attain a fit and healthy body, unlock deeper levels of health for optimal wellness, and very quickly clear anxiety and mental stress.

Arturo’s Core Natural Health was founded on the principle of effective stress-reduction to be substituted with efficient energy-production, with the focus falling mainly on the cellular level of operation. The subsequent Personal Wellness Recovery Program developed is a result of the advancement of this founding principle, as a much-needed, alternative means through which to address growing health and mental concerns experienced in this demanding day and age.

Zoning in on exactly what Arturo’s programs specifically focus on, issues surrounding what contributes to unhealthy weight gain are explored and addressed, alongside poor digestion, low energy levels and hypothyroidism. The aim is to turn all of these factors which affect the body and mind negatively around and achieve a mental and physical state representative of a fit and healthy body, yielding peak performance in all areas.

Champions of Arturo’s programs enjoy the unique benefit of a re-introduction of food as effective medicine, yielding a much healthier and more organic means through which to restore health. This, in conjunction with extended focus on diet, rest, exercise, stress-reduction and supplementation, has earned Arturo a long-standing good reputation as a leader in the health industry, drawing the sustained patronage of high-profile individuals.

Depending on the severity of health and mental issues identified through Arturo’s programs, treatments can be as short as lasting a couple of weeks to as long as a couple of months, but one thing is for sure, everybody can benefit greatly from a much more balanced state of mind that is in harmony with a healthy body.

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With twenty years of experience to go with his PhD., Arturo Mesquite is well established as a leader in the mind-body balance and nutrition realms, boasting a track record of having administered treatments at Malibu, California’s Passages Malibu Rehab and Season’s Recovery Centers.

With a list of satisfied clients that includes many Hollywood stars, fitness celebrities and even fashion designers (recently “Kid Chocolate” as well, middleweight champion boxer), Arturo offers his services in Mexico City and abroad Antalya Turkey, Munich Germany, (Zurich Switzerland mainly) to complement his Beverly Hills, CA base, where he maintains his practice.

The founder of Core Natural Health made use of his vast experience and success in the health industry to design his Complete Personal Wellness Recovery Program, which includes Food Rehab, Thyroid Rehab and Self Discovery programs. 

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