Are popular diets healthy or not?

Arturo: Alright, hello everyone and welcome to my free webinar.  I am pumped and ready to go so buckle up because I’m taking you on a healthy ride.  Before we get started, I would like to introduce myself, I’m Arturo Mesquite and I am your wellness practitioner, your medicine man.  I specialize in helping people uncover the mystery behind unsolved cases, that’s my strength, so you can call me your private detective, alright?  I also have a special guest with me today, her name is Ani and she’s a patient of mine.  She is a perfect example of a person who goes through different stages, very different things, trying to find a solution.  Not only to lose weight but also to fix underlying health issues.  So introduce yourself Ani.

Ani:  hi, how are you? My name is Ani and I’ve been working with Dr. Mesquite now for about 8 months and I’ve seen incredible results and it’s been kind of a rollercoaster ride for me for uh 6 or 7 years.  Really when I think about it  well over 10 and I was always trying to lose weight and focused on the scale but I never really knew what it was to be healthy mind, body & spirit and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to work with you and the changes I’ve made within myself so thank you.

Arturo: Wonderful, wonderful.  Well, what a pleasure to work with you.  So let’s continue.  Are popular diets healthy?  There is not a yes or a no answer because everybody is different so we have to look at each person and we have to look into just the basics:  energy, digestion, sleep, body temperature, pulse, if you have any pain, things like that to see if you’re giving the body the right nutrients to sustain.  So as you can see there are so many diets out there and I’m not saying one is better than the other, what is more important is that you feel good.  It doesn’t matter what diet you do, you basically feel good.  Most people focus on 2 things: 1 to lose weight and the other one to remove pain.  Now not just physical pain also, mental stressors, emotional stressors and such, so that can also cause pain.  And how do I work with my patients? As I mentioned earlier, I like to focus on the root cause of why something is not working.  First I reset the body, it’s a hands on treatment that I do in person to adjust the energy.  Your body’s like a computer and when you have too many files open the body, like a computer freezes; it’s the same thing with the body.  Then we get into the nutritional program, that’s a 3 month program where I take you step by step until we get everything that is wrong with the body back into full function.  And also the Self Discovery Program goes a little bit beyond the ordinary because we’re working with energetics, we’re working with the emotions and we utilize emotions as a healing art to clear the anxiety, to look at anxiety and bring it in and look at it to see what we can do for you because everything that you feel has a positive component to it that you were never taught to utilize those emotions.   Thyroid Rehab Program and the Self Discovery Programs canbe done over the phone.  We spent more than 60 billion dollars on diet and weight loss so what is wrong with this picture? Because we still feel overweight and sick.  We spend so much money on diet drinks, artificial sweeteners, we join the best health clubs, we join multilevel marketing products, diet book and exercise videos, boot-camps and residential facilities and the list goes on and on.  We buy supplements and diet pills, we get into a low calorie, low sugar diet and yet we don’t feel well. So there’s something missing here and that’s what I want to share with you during this presentation. So before we get into the nuts and bolts, let me just give you a heads up on what’s to come so that you stick around.  #1, we’ll be talking about popular diets, the topic of today.  Then we’ll get into going beyond diets and getting into certain fats that may be making you sick and you’re not even aware of.  Stress, I think that stress, we don’t pay attention to it and its causing a lot of problems with your hormones and your metabolism.  Ohhh, inflammation, that’s another one that ah, we don’t talk about it, so I would like to talk about it today and then your thyroid, I think that the thyroid is where it’s at.  If you take care of your thyroid, your thyroid will orchestrate all functions in the body.  And I want to leave you with 5 things you can do at home to jumpstart your metabolism.  Alright, so let’s continue.  One thing I’ll tell you is there is no magic pill.  I think that uh, I always tell my patients, how much are you worth and if you value yourself, you’ll take the time to take care of yourself. It’s eating right, balancing your emotions and exercising so you have to look at the whole picture.  But I promise to give you practical solutions that you can utilize today after we’re done with this presentation and again, my goal is to help you get to the root cause, there’s a reason for everything.  I love to share my knowledge and I think that knowledge is power, the more you know, the less harm you do to yourself and your body.  So let’s go back to the popular topic which is diets.  Dieting brings a lot of confusion I know, you go on the internet and there’s so much out there you don’t know anymore which to choose.  I’m going to simplify it for you plain and simple and you tell me yes or no to the next signs of an unhealthy diet.  Number 1, cold hands and cold feet are very common believe it or not.  You had that too right Ani?

Ani: I did, I most definitely did.  I was cold no matter how warm it was outside I was always with pants and a sweater. 

Arturo: Hm, yes very common.  Frequent urination or clear urine, that’s another one.  Trouble sleeping, my goodness, if you cannot sleep it bring so much harm to the body, especially if it goes on and on for 5, 10, 15 years.  Another one that is not mentioned, people don’t like to talk about it are things like constipation and such, bloating, constipation that’s a big issue for many people.  Excessive thirst or dry mouth, dark circles under the eyes, another popular one, low sex drive, mood swings, anxiety, depression, I believe you also experiences that Ani?

Ani:  I did, I had really bad mood swings, I couldn’t regulate a mood, and down the road I started experiencing really severe anxiety and panic attacks so I would say overall depression.

Arturo: So you had the eight signs?

Ani: I did.  I thought I was eating the best, healthiest, nutrient rich foods.  I was spending a ton of money eating organic foods and I was trying to fuel my body right and uh, it just started going downhill and it did actually start with constipation and bloating.  That was the number one thing that started me being a little bit concerned about my health and from there it progressed. 

Arturo: 8 signs you’re not eating enough and how can you tell? Stressed out all of the time, low energy, hard time waking up, poor appetite, most likely high adrenaline, you’re eating like a child, that was you as well Ani?

Ani:  Yea, a very small child, haha.

Arturo: Counting two peanut and that’s all right?  SO you have to be or for example, the fat free, sugar free, low calorie and such.  You have to make sure you’re feeding the body enough fuel so that it can do things for you.  You think, you move and such.  Can you lose weight with a low metabolism?  I’m going to make it very simple; can you run a marathon with a broken leg?  You will say yes I can.  You’ll get somewhere but you will not be at your fullest and that’s what happens with a low metabolism.  You lose weight, you gain weight, you lose, you gain.  Low metabolism is not just about losing weight, it goes beyond that.  Now we’re tapping into your health, we’re tapping into chronic health issues.  Here are signs of a low metabolism: you have the basic ones like constipation, pale skin, digestive issues, and low energy.  And then we’re tapping into much deeper problems like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancer and so on.  Here’s another example of a patient of mine who has lost 55 pounds, she still wants to lose more weight but as you can see on the before picture she’s not only overweight but swollen and inflamed.  And in the after picture, she’s still losing weight but its way different and her energy is so different.  Oh no, am I stressing you guys aready?  Haha.  Stress is the number one killer and again, we ignore it, we don’t think about it but it’s really important to know how stressed you are.  Let me divide stress into two categories:   Internal stressors and external stressors.  Let me just break it down, the external stressors would be, I can’t stand my husband of twenty years, I can’t stand my boss, environmental or relationship problems, work overload, financial issues, low self-esteem, how people see me can cause a lot of stress, effecting the flow of energy in your body and drains your batteries so to speak and slows down your metabolism.  Internal stressors would be a fungus, a parasite, a toxin, immune suppressors, heavy metals, toxins, chemicals and believe it or not surgical scars.  I don’t have enough time to go into detail for example about surgical scars but it can affect the flow of energy within the nervous system. 

Ani:  I think some of us don’t pay attention to the signs, um, you know, when they’re smacking us right in the face.  You know such a simple thing like constipation and bloating, you know, I thought it was just remove more sugar.  And it just started this crazy spiral of trying to fix one problem, um, that took me months to pay attention to.  So I think to it’s important to pay attention to your body.

Arturo:  Absolutely, you are so right.

Ani: For me dieting was such a miserable time.  It should be, I mean especially with your programs, I got food back, you brought me more food and more choices of foods so dieting shouldn’t be misery or restriction and then for how many days?  And then you get to the point where you overeat because you’re starving.

Arturo:  Right, right.  So I would like to share with you my own personal struggle.  I think that it’simportant.  Sometimes out of something negative something good comes out and that’s what happens.  I was working at a rehab center for many years and uh, all of a sudden the stress level was so high that my body couldn’t keep up with it anymore.  At that moment I start to see a different way so I go beyond nutrition, I go beyond the norm so to speak and the thing that I’m sharing with you do come from those experiences.  I experienced more than, gosh I had more than 20 health issues I’ll just share with you a few of them.  Skin rashes, night sweats, fevers, migraine headaches, brain fog, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, anxiety and fatigue just to name a few.  So, for me life was over.  I am so blessed that I was consistent enough to discover that there was something missing, a missing piece that I, at the time I thought I had all the answers but I guess I didn’t.  Here’s another example of a patient of mine from Zurich, who on the left hand side you can see her.  She’s looking very stressed out and sort or down energy so I gave her a neurological reset and then she sent me a picture and she’s much more relaxed.  There’s another silent killer so be careful because that’s inflammation another topic that most people don’t talk about.  Every disease starts with inflammation, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and so on and so on.  So what promotes inflammation?  There are many reasons and to just give you a few when you’re running on an empty tank that is going to stress the body it’s going to stress  the hormones and that will cause a level of inflammation.  There are certain fats that I will talk about in a minute that also because of the, they are so radical inside of the body when you eat them, can cause a lot of stress therefore, inflammation.  Believe it or not there are certain proteins that also promote inflammation.  Let’ssay, you know back in the day our grandparents would eat the entire animal, they would make broth from the bones with the glandulars with the muscle meat.  Now we go to the store and we just want to eat a high protein diet so we eat a lot of chicken all day for seven days a week and that will throw you off because certain amino acids are missing.  Stress again, it’s a full cycle so it keeps repeating itself.  SO these are the basic things that can promote inflammation in the body.  How are we doing Ani?

Ani:  We’re doing good, were doing really good and I just wanted to add too that when you say it’s kind of like a circle and it keeps coming back, that’s where I struggled because I was starting to develop what I thought was autoimmunity which is so popular now and you know you try to eliminate the stress and you try and keep your blood sugar up but you want to stick to your diet  and it just gets really hard and then it gets to the point where you don’t really know how to alleviate the stress and inflammation so this next step with the PUFA’s and stuff , that should definitely help as well.  Things that we just don’t think about and things that aren’t top of mind every day.

Arturo:  Unsaturated fats believe it or not are the ones that are causing a lot of problems.  If you go back and if you tap into politics and science, without getting to much into it, if you go back before the 60’s you won’t see pictures of vegetable oils and things, you don’t see sunflower oil, you would see butter, animal fat and so the unsaturated fats and the perception of unsaturated fats are very recent.  Corn, soy, especially  canola, nut oils, seed oils, etc.  All of those are unsaturated fatty acids.  PUFA’s make you puffy.  They promote inflammation, they accelerate the aging process, suppresses your thyroid, slows down your metabolism, damages cells and the list continues.  As you can see there are many reasons why you should avoid unsaturated fats.  Because I don’t have enough time to get in depth with unsaturated fats you can go to and and you will find great literature there.  Another thing that can slow down your metabolism would be having a low temperature and a low pulse.  Pulse rate and low metabolism are two indicators of a healthy thyroid.  Healthy metabolism induces higher pulse rate and body temperature frequently not seen in endurance athletes. 

Ani: When I met you my pulse about 40-42 and my body temperate was 93-94 degrees at the highest.  I mean very quickly with the thyroid rehab program my pulse is now never below 75 and my body temperate is never below 97 so it’s a significant difference and a significant difference in the way I feel as well.  I remember I would go to the Dr. and they would take my blood pressure and temperature and they would tell me that it was like that of an athlete and it was something that I was proud of because they were comparing me to an athlete, ok I guess I’m doing it right.

Arturo: You thought I must be healthy.

Ani:  Yes, yes and little did I know keeping those so low for so long did some significant damage to my metabolism that thankfully we’re undoing.

Arturo:  Wonderful.  Let’s tap into low blood sugar.  I know there are so many diets out there.  Mayne low carbs, very little carbs maybe 1% carbs and such but it’s very hard on the body.  During stressful times let’s say physical, emotional, mental, your cells require more gasoline, more glucose, more sugar in order for it to sustain you otherwise, you’ll have symptoms like headaches, hunger, grumpy, dizzy, shaky, sweaty and feeling bloated.  You had some of those issues as well right Ani?

Ani:  Yea, I would think it’s fair to say that I had all of them.  And especially the sweaty thing because I was so cold all of the time, uh, that was another alarming thing to me because I felt so cold all of the time I didn’t understand why I was sweating, If I missed a meal I was in trouble like I would bring my food with me everywhere because I knew at certain times if I didn’t eat I was going to feel dizzy, headachy and I was going to get really grumpy with my personality.  So, big difference now stabilizing blood sugar for sure.

Arturo:  Hallelujah right!  Low bloodsugar activates stress hormones and inflammation so the same cycle keeps repeating itself.  Oh here’s another one, that you love to exercise.  Maybe you go to the gym for three hours or to the point where you just crash like the picture and that’s great and nice but most exercises today I would say in the 90’s, its external and if you don’t have enough glycogen stored in your liver the stress hormones get activated,body’s looking for sugar and it becomes a total circus inside of the body.  So excessive exercise equals stress, raises inflammation, slows the metabolic rate activates stress hormones and of course that will age you faster and we don’t want that.  So when you have high adrenaline its means you’re on a fight of flight mechanism and signs are cravings, shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, fearfulness and body tremors as you mentioned as well Ani.

Ani:  Yes

Arturo:  Alright, your thyroid.  You cannot ignore what the thyroid does.  It runs the show, let’s put it that way.  Energy hormones, digestion, sex drive, circulation, immune function you name it.  It is so important to support your thyroid.  Things that suppress your thyroid, again, we go back to that same cycle of stress, inflammation, unsaturated fats, you see now how it’s all coming together? Low blood sugar, excessive exercise, all of these effect your thyroid and your metabolism.5 things you can do to jumpstart your metabolism and lose some weight so we all can benefit.  Always keep in mind the polarity between producing energy and lowering stress. When you produce energy you will metabolize fire, burn and such.  Everything starts in the gut and you are what you eat and if you eat something and you feel bloated, you ache or you don’t feel right you body’s telling you something isn’t right.  Maybe the host is full of inflammation, it’s highly stressed and you cannot break down the food and that’s why stress is so important to bring down.  The worst is when you are highly stressed and you’re eating, that is the worst.  Some people drive in the car and they eat right? In full traffic, that wouldn’t be you Ani?

Ani:  No, no no.  Unfortunately for me I own a very fast paced business so I shovel it in my mouth in five minutes and get right back to work.

Arturo:  Oh, so you were guilty of it?

Ani: I’m super guilty of it and I paid the price.

Arturo:  I’ll just give you a quick tip on how you can support the gut and liver.  Two things, two fibers that I love to use with my patients.  I know that fiber is so popular and you hear to eat a lot of fiber and such, but I had to learn the hard way and I would give my patients lots of fiber, lots of salads and they would come back and tell me that they were so bloated and I have so much gut pain.  One is bamboo shoots because they act as a chelator in the gut, anti-cancer, cardiovascular, bacterial and anti-viral activity and they have antioxidant properties.  Bamboo shoots and raw carrots have an anti-bacterial effect so they do not feed bacteria in the gut.  The raw carrots I always recommend to eat raw carrots before lunch as a detox.  It’s a hormonal balancing food that lowers inflammatory substances and reduces the burden on the liver and the gut.Let’s continue, I love Glycine, it’s an amino acid and it’s great to lower inflammation and also has protective properties, fibrosis buildup, free radical damage and promotes natural sleep by making you more relaxed.  I tell my patients to consume more at night especially if you have issues falling asleep.  You can start with one teaspoon or probably even a half teaspoon morning and a half a teaspoon in the evening and just build up from there.  Another one I love and always imagine my grandmother making broth with the bones and making delicious broth.  It’s full of properties and has all the amino acids, especially glycine, its high in glycine, minerals and its predigested also so if you love to cook this is something I highly recommend.  You make bone broth right Ani?

Ani:  I doI make it bi-weekly and I sip on it like a hot cup of tea and it’s so comforting  and helps to get me even warmer and the fact that its predigested really helped especially in the beginning when my digestion was so fragile. 

Arturo: that’s right.  Especially someone who has chronic gut issue I would basically say alright let’s give you lots of bone broth and you’ll have your minerals, protein and some fats so it’s a great medicine.  Collagen is a great anti-inflammatory powder, from blood and bones and ligaments and such.  Lowers inflammation, heals the gut, reduces joint pain and degeneration, boost metabolism, muscle mass, energy output and promotes youthful skin, hair and stronger nails.  It’s a wonderful product that I recommend instead of consuming the whey powders, this is more in harmony with your body.  Let’s talk about fats I know I mentioned unsaturated fatty acids butlet’s talk about what kind of fats I shall be eating. I love to use coconut oil; it increased the metabolic rate, supports thyroid gland and helps with memory and weight loss.  On the other side we have butter, not any artificial type of butter and no margarine just pure and clean butter.  You can also make ghee from butter actually.  You would cook it on the stove for ten minutes and when you heat it up the fat comes out, you clean it out and now you have what’s called clarified butter which is rich in vitamins D, E and K2 and rich in trace minerals and supports the immune system and boosts metabolism and that’s what you want right?  We’re almost there!  Nutritional pearl number five:  Blood sugar.  Now sugar is such a sensitive topic that I would have to do a topic just on sugar, right Ani?

Ani:  Yea, I definitely agree.  I was sugar free for in all forms, fruit included for about six years and that was the first thing we put back into my diet and I immediately came alive.  We used the right sugars of course.

Arturo: Yes and that’s part of the solution.  I would tell you we need to find the ones that work for you and the safest ones are fresh fruits, in season.  Just eat some throughout the day.  It’s not about consuming tons of it, again, moderation right?  So these are the five things I would like you to look into and it’s as simple as you could start to take a look at your temperature and your pulse and see where you are.  I s your temperature lower than 98.6 mid-day?  A healthy pulse is between 75-85?  Believe it or not that is a healthy pulse.  So you’re looking for signs of a low or normal metabolism.  Things that you should look into during this process, the detox process.  You’ll start feeling better.  Better mood, less puffy, less pain, more energy, deeper sleep, better digestion and lose extra pounds.  Don’t forget that when your body’s in harmony it will get rid of extra pounds that it doesn’t need because your body knows what to do.  It’s not about oppressing the body it’s about working with your system, right Ani?

Ani:  Yes, for sure. I mean, loving it and working in harmony with it and bringing it to a place where you just feel happy inside. 

Arturo:  yes and it’s not about just diet. I always say 30% nutrition and 70% psycho-sematic.  Your mood is so important, you could be eating the best foods but if your mood sucks it will throw everything off so it’s important to have a good attitude, have a clear mind, eat right, exercise, sleep well and things like that.  Something’s to watch out for:  Low blood sugar, inflammatory foods, low metabolism, low pulse and body temperature, ignoring stress, excessive exercise, do what you can do today.  Maybe it’s just walking around the block for now, and avoiding PUFA’s.  Don’t forget PUFA’s make you puffy!  Things that you should take action: First and foremost what are your goals?  Where are you heading? What’s your target?  Be clear on what you need to do and accomplish it.  Make sure your blood sugar is regulated, make sure you’re eating non inflammatory fats, not eating too much inflammatory proteins, produce energy with the right types or carbs, lower all types of stressors as much as you can and just start the plan.  Get started and do something today. Maybe tomorrow you do something else but stick to it and give yourself some time.  Two weeks, three weeks or maybe one month.  And if it’s too difficult or complicated for you and if you’d like to do it and don’t know where to start, I can help you.  You can get a hold of me and we can put you on a program and getyou back on track which brings me to-lets show them Ani, the program that you took and maybe you can talk about it a little bit.  So Ani she took the , well, you took all the programs but we started you with the neurologicalresetting and then we worked on clearing you of personal barriers and then we worked on the thyroid rehab program so maybe you can talk about it.

Ani:  Yes, so like I said earlier everything I was researching was pointing to eliminating or reducing stress and I had no idea how to do that and it was just building between the things I was telling myself in my head about my body image and the way I felt, uh, I started gaining weight regardless of what I ate and then fast forward, I started suffering from chronic body pain, it was a neck pain that was so intense I couldn’t fall asleep, I was in  pain all day and uh, when I first heard of Dr. Mesquite I immediately did 3 neurological resets with him and it was a wonderful experience and right away, it was instant.  My digestion was better, I had more pep, my energy was better, my neck pain that had dulled on me for four months was gone and from there we continued with Thyroid Rehab.  He immediately had me start a diet if you want to even call it a diet, for me it’s more of a lifestyle of just good, healthy foods and things I hadn’t eaten in years:  Sugars, carbs, I was putting them back in my body and I was thriving, I had brain power, more energy and uh.

Arturo:  And don’t forget your gut.  You had such a chronic gut issue.

Ani: oh my gosh, my gut was so wrecked I mean when I met him I was down to boiled chicken, peeled tomatoes, butter lettuce and olive oil.  Anything else I ate I would react to so bad so I was developing all of these food allergies, constant bloating.  I always looked about seven months pregnant every day and I didn’t know how to get a hold of it.  I felt like it was all stress related but I didn’t know how to clear it.  Self-Discovery, I think I signed up for it not really knowing what it is and it ended up being such a lifesaving thing for me because I never knew how to manage my stress and the voice in my head and what you did was help me delete a lot of the stories that I had going in my head that were just taking up space and robbing me of energy and killing my self-esteem and in turn, working with you on this I no longer experience anxiety, I haven’t had a panic attack since we started working together and I just feel more peaceful, um, and more at peace with my journey so it’s been quite life changing for me in every shape and form so if any of you don’t know how to alleviate your stress or manage your stress with work and kids, home and maybe your relationships aren’t perfect with a loved one or maybe your relationship stinks with yourself, Self-Discovery is a really  amazing tool and I don’t quite know how he does it but it’s very effective and he will help you neutralize all feelings of doubt, fear and anxiety and you can just live such a carefree, happier life. 

Arturo:  Yes Ani is right, it’s so important to look at it from every angle.  If you take a look at the nutritional program, then work with your emotions and then reset  the entire system with neurological resetting, you are bound to change and that’s the reason why I’ve spend more than two decades finding a solution to why we cannot heal. Its not just about all nutrition, it’s about everything that you are and that’s why I created such a triad of health because it covers all angles.  It covers the physical component, the energetic component and the Self Discovery program is to find the cobwebs right.  When you remove the cobwebs it’s basically everything you do I energy and learning how to respect the energy and that’s when change starts.  So we identify, we delete and we integrate and that’s how it all works together.  I guess I can talk about my hand on treatments. I combine more than 25 hands on techniques to move energy in the body, its non-invasive and the purpose is to lower stress, bring harmony back to the body, lower pain, to reconnect brain to where the pain it, to reconnect function in the body.  The tune up restores the overall function in the body and I do travel to give treatments.  I travel to Beverly Hills, New York City, Zurich, Miami, Mexico City and different places all over the world and if you’re interested and live in those cities you can just send me an email and I’d be happy to explain to you what we can do together! It’s an amazing journey to be able to assist or bring laughter or a smile back to someone’s face and I am so passionate about my work and I hope that in this presentation I was able to convey to look at little close at dieting and find ways to change your body so that your metabolism goes up, your temperature goes up, pulse goes up, deeper sleep, better digestion and so forth.  It is so important.  So if you have any questions you can go to my website or

send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Ani did I cover everything?

Ani: I think we pretty much covered it.

Arturo: So thank you so much Ani for being here with me, I think that it’s so important that we talk from an honest place that I think the message will come across and I am here to help.  So thank you, thank you and until nextime…Bye Bye.

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