I’m going to see Arturo.  When I first came here I actually came here for nutritional needs and what was really fantastic is that I discovered that Arturo also offered a Self-Discovery Program.  I didn’t know what it was and was very new to me and it sounded great in terms of results but the way of getting there took a little getting used to that right away, the very session that we had together, all of a sudden I had a sense of the world wasn’t on my shoulders anymore.  One of the Self Discovery Programs is clearing you of your beliefs and one of my beliefs was that I needed validation or I needed the confidence to succeed in life and in my career.  Clearing the belief that I need the confidence to succeed that I need the confidence to be the woman that I want to be.  It’s crazy because I didn’t know whether it worked or not but then he checked in with me a couple of months later and asked, “How did you feel with your confidence this month”? And I went, I didn’t deal with it at all actually and it was amazing my confidence and it wasn’t that I felt overly confident or under-confident it’s just that I was in control of the fact that I’m not dealing with that belief that I needed to function in life.  Its helps you with not having expectations about certain things, it helps you with not having expectations that you need this to accomplish that or to live in that space and you see how it changes your life and you realize that clearing yourself of these beliefs actually works and it’s really necessary.


The #1 life changing holistic plan developed by Arturo Mesquite Ph.D. International Energy Medicine Doctor. With more than 3 decades of doing research in of doing research in natural studies, seeing over 5,000 clients from around the world plus 8 years of practice at high-end rehab in Malibu, CA. CheckOut Our MASTERY PLAN Healthier and Happier You! TODAY

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