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Due to the current global pandemic, it has become almost impossible to travel to a Health and Wellness center or any Rehab. Most of these places are temporarily closed or their services are very limited and restricted, as most places must maintain social distance by limiting their census.
What if you bring the healing retreat to your own home space? A self-designed wellness plan to get you well, feel well, and stay well! Arturo Mesquite, founder of Core Natural Health is a pioneer of such centers.

Before celebrity rehabs became popular in the early 2000s Arturo had already gained popularity in working with individuals at Passages Malibu. Today, his at-home VIP Coaching retreat has taken high-end rehabs to a totally new level. Imagine privately hiring four of the best experts all in one! Mesquite’s decades of expertise will get you back onto a healthier path without ever having to leave your home!

His program aims to create a new vibrant self out of sick, stressed, or aging bodies through a combination of natural, nutritional, and stress management methods. The private healing program is especially suited for those who are busy, can’t make trips to healing centers, and need a quick revamping of their system or just a healthy jumpstart to eliminate stress and get on with daily tasks with renewed vigor.

Coming to the realization that you are addicted or simply feeling overwhelmed and stuck in life can be an exceptionally frightening experience, but when you are a celebrity or other high-profile individual, the difficulties may be even greater, especially today.

With a focus on mental and emotional wellness as well as coping with anxiety, dealing with chronic or acute body pain, there is no ailment that isn’t addressed by the Home Retreat Care Total Wellness regime. The program begins with removing physical blockages to reboot the body, followed by nourishment, alongside emotional healing and decoding of deep-rooted emotional imbalances.

He is an International Healer and expert in energy medicine invites his
patients to see a world that is inspiring and unique exploring
neuroscience, quantum physics & spirituality to empower them.

The #1 life changing holistic plan developed by Arturo Mesquite Ph.D. International Energy Medicine Doctor. With more than 3 decades of doing research in of doing research in natural studies, seeing over 5,000 clients from around the world plus 8 years of practice at high-end rehab in Malibu, CA. CheckOut Our MASTERY PLAN Healthier and Happier You! TODAY

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