Hypothyroidism gone naturally!!!

Ani: Today you’re looking at someone with minimal anxiety, no body pain, zero food intolerances, uh, no gas, no bloating, no distension and I can enjoy all of the wonderful blessings I have in my life like my businesses, my children and my wonderful husband so he really did give me my happiness back.

 And it’snowonder why I had no energy.  I had a pulse of about 40, a body temperature of, you know 93 degrees so it was kind of like the walking dead and I want to share this with you because a lot of people talk to me and there’s a lot of, you know, how many of us suffer from anxiety and stress and you know how many more of us suffer from depression, toxic relationships, food issues, autoimmune issues, hypothyroidism, traumas and things from past or present, unhealthy relationships with your spouse or your job or family member or yourself.  

And were just not living our best lives.  With his help, I truly believe that I am and am on my way and it’s just getting better and better and I wanted to extend that you to guys because I traveled to see him and I would travel to Antarctica to do sessions with him but I know it’s not practical for everybody so he’s going to be in our area:  He will be here in New York City November 29th, 30th and December 1st so I just wanted to extend that to you guys.  

I will tag him in this video and you guys can feel free to reach out to him and you can also feel free to reach out to me and ask me any questions you’d like.  You can call me, text me, Facebook me, message me, I’m here to help.  You know I don’t know if you guys remember a few months ago I posted a picture and said this is what a real-life angel looks like and that’s exactly what he is to me, he is an angel and he’s completely changed my world and given me my peace and happiness back so If there’s any other you out there struggling with health issues or anxiety issues or any of the issues I mentioned before please reach out because this is a life changer and I wanted to pay it forward.  Have a great day and I love you.  Bye-bye.

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