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Ever since I was little it feels like my power has been removed from me.  Drugs, alcohol, things outside of me temporarily replaced that for me, but now it’s at the point where even the power that I get from it isn’t fulfilling and Arturo is telling me about erasing the memory of the emotion from the body and I’m all down for that. There are times when I’m doing great and I feel fine and then all of a sudden it’s like this emotional trigger just overwhelms me and before I know it I’m acting out in ways I know are wrong but they feel right and I would like to really change that. I’ll try…I’ll try anything; shopping, working out, prayer, meditation, ah, being of service to other people…all those things do work but then deep down inside there’s just, there’s just this part of me inside that doesn’t get changed and what he was offering.  We did a little sample of it and I really feel in my body where I was holding this resistance or this anger and it was interesting because the day or two later when I thought of that person that upset me it didn’t feel like that, it felt different, but I definitely felt it in fact, and I’m really motivated, uh, you know this is my life that’s at stake and I’m willing to try anything.


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