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Severe Swollen Face & Lips GONE!

Severe Swollen Face & Lips…GONE!

At my young age I had very severe problems with stress, so severe I had swelling all over my face.  This happened 2 years ago and I went to many doctors, more than 10 and no one knew what I had or how to cure it and was very wearing, more stressing for me not to know what I had.  Then I came to see Arturo and he was a huge help for me, not only because in 3 days the swelling went away but also because he tried to understand me and where I was standing and what was happening in my life that was causing this.  So I think, I know that there are many people that think there’s no cure and no one knows what they have and I know it’s the most stressful situation ever.  He knew what I had and he cured it in 3 days.  I feel not only better in the way that I’m not swelling anymore in my face and emotionally it just feels way better and the treatment here is very personal.  You don’t feel like one more patient or one more number, like a social security number that comes to see the doctor.  He cares and he treats you so well and puts on music that you like and sings to you and it’s just nice and you feel like a person here.  It’s nice that he not only cured my face swelling but he magically heals you like if you have a headache migraine or whatever you have, it helps.  So I think to all the people who think there’s no cure, no hope, I think that there’s always hope and he can help you as he helped me.  I would recommend him 100%.

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