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Martha: And in a short period of time my anxiety has been gone, I feel healthier and I don’t have fatigue and I’m taking supplements to help Health Improvement clear areas in my body that I didn’t realize were problematic but I realized once I felt good.

Daza Del Rio:  He has an amazing,  amazing ability to pinpoint what exactly my body lacked.  I’ve now been able taws having a lot of trouble with energy and I wasn’t having time to schedule my eating habits and that was affecting my energy levels throughout the day.

Wendy Wiencek:  I was addicted to sugar and weighed over 200 lbs and I wanted to lose weight but I couldn’t get off the sugar, I couldn’t get off the wheat and with his help, I was able to drop over 20 lbs in about 3 to 4 months.

Noah:  I just thought that I was supposed to walk around feeling tired all of the time but actually now I feel vibrant, I can eat certain foods that I wasn’t able to eat before and I just feel an amazing result from working with Arturo for even from the first week I met him it’s been an amazing transformation.

Jim Rudolf:  He treats me for things other doctors have never considered.

I have learned from him and I will always carry this on.  It’s that your biggest investment in life is yourself and that’s very true.  You are your own self, you can create everything that you want, and you can be that walking example of health, beauty.  Health has a huge effect on everything.

Arturo:  I don’t just give you the supplements, I give you awareness, I give you knowledge, I give you understanding about getting to know your body, getting to know an intimate relationship with yourself.

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