The Thyroid Rehab goes beyond mainstream, healthy, popular diet plans and focus more on supporting your thyroid, so your metabolism will work flawless.

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Step outside the box and take a more revolutionary approach if other therapies have not worked for you.

My nutritional approach will focus on the causes contributing to conditions such as hypothyroidism, weight gain, poor digestion, and low energy.

Our jump-start program will help you restore function, helping you maintain a fit & healthy body.

The Thyroid Rehab Program provides the solution to stop an under-active or non-functioning thyroid gland at the source along with all of the related symptoms. Diet experts omit a basic truth — dieting can be harmful to you if you don’t support the natural metabolic functions of your body. The Thyroid Rehab Program will uncover and correct any hidden metabolic issues so you’ll be able to maintain your amazing results!

  • Thyroid conditions affect every function of the body, especially your metabolism.
  • Every cell in your body is under stress when your thyroid is low or non-functioning.
  • Your health conditions can negatively impact every element of your life.

Do you know that an estimated 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid issue? Up to 60 percent of those with thyroid issues are completely unaware of their condition and suffer from symptoms because of it.  This is exactly why I created Thyroid Rehab. After all, what good is losing the weight if you don’t feel your best or is impossible to maintain?



Hypothyroidism exists when the thyroid gland isn’t functioning at it’s best. Hypothyroidism impacts every aspect of your life from enjoying time with family and friends to functioning at work. Hypothyroidism is pervasive and preventable as well as correctable. Today, Hypothyroidism is an epidemic health problem and unfortunately, doctors are using very old and outdated information to both diagnose and treat it. To ensure that you do not overwhelm yourself, follow the program at your own speed. You may need to take more time and that is OK as long as you continue to move forward.


Your thyroid is to your body what the conductor is to a symphony. Instead of using trumpets, violins, and drums, your thyroid uses key organs, enzymes and cell receptors for the precise orchestration necessary for health. When the conductor is off rhythm, the entire orchestra, as well as the symphony, suffers. When any of the many ‘instruments’ used by your thyroid aren’t working properly, you suffer. It’s both that simple and that complicated.

With Thyroid Rehab Program you can tune every instrument in your amazing orchestra and live the brilliant symphony of your life. You will change and correct the underlying physiological causes that both the conventional and alternative health communities continue to ignore. You will create an atmosphere in which your thyroid can conduct all of your body’s instruments to produce optimal health — the sweetest sound of all.

We begin by promoting energy production and correcting a stressed metabolism. Our inherent ability to produce energy can be suppressed by stress and the biological effects of chronic stress influence our entire beings on a cellular level. Energy production promotes and supports our capacity for generative energy.

A stressed metabolism leaves us with a low metabolic rate. Think back to the orchestra, if the violins are out of tune, it is possible the conductor will ask the trumpets to play differently and compensate for the problem in the string section. The orchestra of our bodies functions the same way.

To compensate for low metabolism produced by stress, adaptive stress hormones are released to meet our energy requirements. So far so good except that those hormones will eventually harm us by creating a vicious cycle or energy production, energy inhibition, and inflammation.

In the Thyroid Rehab Program knowledge truly is power— the power to heal your body and change your life. It will prepare you to take charge of your health for optimal wellness, starting with deeper levels of nutrition, thyroid repair, overall hormonal balance, and inflammation reduction. I will work closely with you to offer effective strategies that help you heal chronic health conditions and hormonal imbalances. monal imbalances.


Whether you are looking to develop a healthier lifestyle or lose those extra pounds, the Thyroid Rehab coaching can explore with you the proper combination of nutritional expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Thyroid Rehab Package:
  • Thyroid Rehab manual
  • 8 follow-up 30-minute private coaching
  • 8 lessons sent to you via email weekly
  • Journal reports to your coach with feedback
  • Unlimited texts and emails
  • Client advocate support