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ZERO RESULTS TIL NOW I Found Arturo Mesquite

Seen Everyone Done Everything Zero Health Results Until I Found Arturo Mesquite

Ani: I had worked with Metabolic Specialists,  FunctionalMedicine Doctors, Naturopaths, Natural Doctors, Regular Doctors, you know, Bestselling authors, nutritionists and I had done all their programs so perfectly with zero results and I was left feeling worse and then having anxiety about the money spent and things like that.  And all the while anxiety was building.  On top of my three businesses it was always; how am I going to feel after I eat or how am I going to look after I eat and anyone with IBS knows how it feels to be hungry and then eat only to feel worse.

 The past couple of years things just felt like they were getting worse up until the point where I developed this pain in my neck that was so bad I couldn’t stay awake, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t get comfortable and couldn’t go to work.  I had been to countless message therapists and chiropractors and nothing was helping me with my pain, things were digressing.  I was going back to really bad brain fog and no energy and kind of felt like an empty tank of gas.

 I was at a crossroads where I didn’t know what to do anymore.  I had seen everyone and done everything and knowing me I am so into nutrition but it just wasn’t working for me anymore.  My body wasn’t absorbing anything.  I felt very disconnected.  I’ll never forget I came home one morning and Horacio was watching the morning show on Univision and I saw a brief segment with Dr. Arturo Mesquite speaking on thyroid rehab and emotional issues and anxiety and stress and when I got home that morning he was like Ani, I found the guy that is going to help you.

 I immediately scheduled a phone conversation with him.  We spent about a half hour on the phone or so together, but I knew within the first 30 seconds that he was going to be the one to help me.  I immediately booked a flight to Miami, Dr. Mesquite travels all over the world doing what I call Gods Work!  After my very first visit with him I felt completely different and after three visits with him it was even better from there.  He completely got rid of my neck pain; we did some neurological resetting and some energy work.  So please reach out because this is a life changer and I just wanted to pay it forward.

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