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How a sixteen year old caregiver to the elderly became a respected International Doctor...

I spent most of my early years on a personal quest trying to understand what it takes to heal and fully thrive.

I have studied with doctors from around the world, as well as trained with shamans, healers and have treated over 5,000 clients throughout my professional career as well as over eight years of working for high-end rehab centers Passages Malibu and Seasons Recovery Center.

Throughout my personal path and professional experiences I created a non-traditional approach to healing anxiety and physical ailments.

My Mastery Plan was developed throughout decades of hard work and learning from my own mistakes in order to create a one of a kind fast recovery program that goes beyond anything in the market. 

Currently, I work with diplomats,  celebrities, professionals and executives helping them identify and eliminate the causes of physical illnesses and anxiety.

I am aware that we live in a fast-paced society so time is of the essence finding solutions that really work.

“I believe each and everyone is desired to thrive but why is this so difficult to achieve no matter how hard you try? We have been conditioned, misguided and taught to live in a limited way which can leave you feeling both emotionally and physically sick.”


Arturo Mesquite Ph.D. International Alternative Energy Medicine Specialist
Arturo Mesquite Ph.D. International Alternative Energy Medicine Specialist

Sometimes it’s necessary to step outside the box and try a non-traditional approach, especially when the standard medical science has yet to find any real solutions for these ailments.I have been there  and I know what it feels like when no one can help you find a permanent solution. So, I have condensed many years of practice into my Mastery Plan which works on all levels from physical to emotional. 

My passion is helping people get to the root cause of their health issues, whether it is malnutrition, removing trauma and physical pain from the body, always with the purpose of reconnecting them to their true self promoting vitality and happiness in every aspect of their lives.

Besides the Mastery Plan I also offer a Home Retreat version which is more personalized, home-based program. I gained the vast experience working for more than 8 years for “Passages Malibu” and “Seasons in Malibu”, both high profile rehabilitation recovery centers in Malibu California. The Home Retreat  program aims to create a new vibrant self out of sick, stressed or aging bodies through a combination of natural, nutritional and stress management methods.

The private healing program is especially suited for those who are busy, can’t make trips to healing centers and need a quick revamping of their system or just a healthy jumpstart to eliminate stress and get on with daily tasks with renewed vigor.

With a focus on mental and emotional wellness as well as chronic or acute body pain, there is no ailment that isn’t addressed by the Home Retreat Care Total Wellness regime.

The program begins with removing physical blockages to reboot the body, followed by nourishment, alongside emotional healing and decoding of deep-rooted emotional imbalances.

Imagine privately hiring four of the best experts all in one! Mesquite’s decades of expertise will get you back onto a healthier path without ever having to leave your home!

(1) Your private PHYSIOTHERAPIST. (2) Your private NUTRITIONAL Wellness Coach. (3) Your private KITCHEN Preparation Chef. (4) Your private SELF DISCOVERY Healer.

I can travel to most countries, but also I practice regularly to these cities;  Miami, New York,  Mexico City and abroad (Zurich Switzerland mainly) which complement my CDMX, where I maintain my practice.

Arturo Mesquite Ph.D. International Alternative Energy Medicine Specialist
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